Estimating Your Photo Count

August 5, 2021

To quickly determine your quantity of photos, simple measure each pile.  There are approximately 100 regular size photos for every inch.  For example, a 5 inch stack contains about 500 photos.  At Heirloom, those 500 photos are each scanned as an individual JPG file at 300dpi for only $75.00.  That's only $0.15 each!

This measuring rule of thumb is not perfect.  Polaroid photos have an awkward thickness that is inconsistent to measure.  Different styles of photo paper, temperature, and humidity can also effect the thickness of your photos.  However, the size of the photo doesn't effect this estimate.  This applies to 4"x6", 5"x7", and 8"x10" photos alike.  Remarkably, this ruler approximation is always within 10% of the actual count.

Heirloom uses two means to actually count all your photos.  First, we use a combination of old fashioned hand counting and a precision digital scale to count each stack a similar-size photos.  This number is used to make a same-day accurate piece count and exact price quotation for your order.  No guesses and no surprises. Secondly, as each of your photos is scanned, it receives a unique file name with a sequence number.  Our digital system compares this count to the quote you've paid to ensure that none of your photos was lost during processing.  Typically, Heirloom's final computer count is exactly the same as the quote you paid.  When it's off, it's usually be only one photo!  Our algorithm favors the customer, so you may see we actually scanned 1,001 photos, but only charged you for 1,000 according to the estimate on the day we receive your shipment.

Heirloom believes in full price transparency.  We also enjoy serving educated customers, and believe it's our duty to inform how our digital services operate.  Knowledge of your memories allows you to properly budget and plan your digitizing with Heirloom.  It's no requirement, but please use the "One Inch" rule when estimating your quantity of photos before shipment.  Once you gather all your old photos, you might be surprised by the large number of that of priceless pictures that need to be preserved.

To get started scanning your photos to digital, please consider digitizing at Heirloom.  Prices start at only $0.15 per photo.  With quality photo scanners starting at $600, you'd need a stack of photos over 40 inches tall just to justify that purchase, let alone the time to complete the project without any errors.  Heirloom provides unlimited access to your photos on the cloud, but we can also return over 6,000 photos on a single USB thumb drive for only $9.99.  Our largest drive holds over 100,000 photos, the storage equivalent of 54 DVDs!

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