We digitize all media!

Photo scanning to JPG.

Loose Photos of Any Size

$0.25 each for 300 dpi

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Photos in an Album

$0.75 / image for 300 dpi

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No need to remove!

Photographic Slides

$0.49 each for 3,000 dpi

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Photographic Negatives

$0.69 / image for 3,000 dpi

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Video transfer to MP4.

16mm, 8mm & Super8 Reels

$19.99 each up to 150 feet

$24.99 each over 150 feet

VHS, Beta & All Cassettes

$14.99 each up to one hour

$19.99 each over one hour

Digital Video Discs (DVD)

$5.99 each

Includes scratch repair!

Audio transfer to MP3.

Audio Reels

$19.99 each up to 30 minutes

$24.99 each over 30 minutes

Vinyl & Cassettes

$4.99 / side

Compact Discs (CD)

$1.99 / disc

Document scanning to PDF.

Fragile Items

$0.59 / side

Bulk Papers

$0.10 / side

Data files transferred to online folders.

Floppy Data Disks

$9.99 each

Optical Data Discs

$5.99 each

Includes scratch repair!

Data from Devices

$9.99 each device up to 32 GB

$0.30 per gigabyte (each device over 32GB)

"Heirloom did a superior job digitizing my mother-in-law's 2,100 slide collection!"
Geoff Klein
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Connect Kit

Safely ship any media to Heirloom. Enjoy digital samples within 24 hours of receipt. Confirm the quality from your secure network. Pay the customizable price quote only if satisfied. Media returned by Signature Required UPS.

Only $29.99 to get started!

First Year Free!

Try the Heirloom secure network at no cost. All digitizing orders come with a free year of this exceptional service, no matter the storage required. All files are portable, so you can download your entire collection at any time. If it's right for you, upgrade to a paid plan where you can enjoy all your memories in one place, forever.