Heirloom is a growing company headquartered in the exciting Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Our first digitizing facility is located nearby in northern Virginia.  Here we train and employ numerous Media Handlers to digitize the world, but our Operations Managers keep it all working smoothly!  The corporation has plans to create additional locations, distributed regionally, as we scale globally. 

Washington, D.C. cityscape with Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial

Heirloom also employs virtual Account Representatives to answer the phones, interact with customers, and provide the unparalleled service that delights our users.  With the best in technology, our Reps work from any location that provides a good internet connection.  Designed to grow intelligently, Heirloom hires the brightest people from across the US to work virtually in other positions, most critically Cloud Engineers.

We're a fun team with a unique culture.  We're moms and dads, grandparents, and even Gen-Zs who grew up understanding digital technology and the power of cloud computing.  We have a calling for serving others, and believe in leaving things better than how we found them.  We'd enjoy having a conversation with you if you're considering being a part of our mission.