Video Conversion

Videos saved as individually named MP4 digital files in resolutions of 720x480, 1080x720, or 1920x1080.

Video Reels

Video Reels at HeirloomWe convert 8mm, 16mm, and Super 8 with sound if available.  Default is 720x480.

$19.99 less than 150 feet
$24.99 at or over 150 feet

Video Cassettes

Video Cassettes at HeirloomWe convert VHS(C), Beta, Hi8, and digital video tape.  Default is 1080x720.

$15.99 less than one hour
$19.99 at or over one hour

Digital Video Discs

Digital Video Discs at HeirloomWe convert DVD movies for enjoyment on the cloud.  Default is 1920x1080 (HD).

$1.99 for 720x480
$2.99 for 1080x720
$3.99 for 1920x1080

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