The Company

Our Story

Geoff Weber had a problem.  It was time for another military move, and boxes would again go into storage.  Geoff's wife, Nancy, gently inquired about the safety and accessibility of their important photos and videos during this transition.  These one-of-a-kind memories included a VHS of their wedding, original pictures of their babies, and older media acquired from deceased relatives.  Their cherished memories included handwritten letters, artwork, and other priceless heirlooms that had been handed down for generations.  The Weber family had most of their treasured memories precariously stuffed into fragile boxes.  Geoff decided to act and preserve what no insurance policy could ever replace.

The marketplace had no valuable solution for the Webers.  Spending thousands of dollars to receive cluttered digital files on DVDs was insane!  Geoff therefore digitized his own media and transferred the files to a scaleable platform referred to as the "cloud".   The commercial cloud provided redundant security and constant accessibility, all at the speed of light.  The Webers could now experience all their memories from any computer, tablet, and every mobile phone.  No more hunting through boxes, mailing copies to family members, or rewinding tapes.  Sharing their memories was pure joy, so it was no surprise when others started asking for help.

As Geoff neared a US government retirement in 2019, he was inspired to turn his vision for organizing life's precious heirlooms into a business that would serve millions of families.  Now a growing corporation, Heirloom is designed with the mission to digitize the world around the principles of data portability, cloud computing, and digital privacy.  A culture that celebrates life, customer focused priorities, and innovative technological solutions form the foundation of this exciting company.  Heirloom is now Preserving Priceless® and removing barriers to joyful interaction with your memories and the ones you love.

Our Leadership

Geoff Weber, CEO

With the vision as the original founder, Geoff cultivates an Heirloom culture that ensures future success. His integrating expertise keeps him close to marketing and operations where he enjoys speaking with customers and innovating with engineers. Geoff finds serving at Heirloom similar to the decades he steered ships, collaborated with international partners, and built capabilities to enhance security.  Much of Geoff's family already works in the company, so he enjoys whenever they can all get away to travel and relax.

John Rahaghi, CTO

John has worked with Geoff since they both commissioned as US Navy intelligence officers immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. However, John's experience also includes the digital communications division at the US State Department, Facebook, and helping launch the first single sign-on platform for the US Government at the US Digital Service. Residing in San Francisco, John directs the technology build to continue delighting Heirloom's users.

Tony Kajfasz, CFO

Tony brings a long history of financial and startup experience to Heirloom. He is responsible for helping Heirloom become more successful in every aspect of their operations through strategic forecasting and in-depth trend analysis. As a keen analyst, Tony drives the funding vehicles to ensure multiple economies of scale and the kind of growth that serves an ever expanding number of happy customers. While not focused on Heirloom, Tony is completing his MBA at the Fisher College of Business with a focus in Finance and Strategy.

Our Promise

No matter the growth of Heirloom, we remain unwavering on the following principles:

  1. Delighting our customers with value from the cloud.
  2. Building capabilities without compromising data portability.
  3. Ensuring digital privacy in all our transactions.
  4. Partnering with vendors who share our beliefs.
  5. Empowering a neurodiverse workforce.
  6. Sharing ownership opportunities with employees.
  7. Stewarding our environment well.
  8. Maximizing profits through innovation.

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