What's an online folder?

November 25, 2021

Physical folders help us organize important papers by specific topics. Digital folders on your computer work a similar way, but they seldom get full. Digital tools have made our lives more productive in less time.

Utility further increases when placing digital files into an online folder. Being on the cloud, these can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Best yet, they can be networked so multiple people have access at the same time. These users can be assigned varying permissions.

Placing your special photos, videos, and other files into online folders provides great ease and utility. Now you can share multiple files, with multiple people, each with their own permissions. No more attempting to share a video that's too large to send by email!

Heirloom places your digitized media into online folders too. You might see a folder marked "Photos" and another marked "Videos". If you'd like, you can make subfolders too. Perhaps you want to further classify the Videos folder by making subfolders as "Family" or "Work"?

Folders can be shared with users, each with special permissions. Every time you drag another video into that folder, that object will inherit the permissions of the folder. Perhaps make your spouse as an Editor, but Grandma is a Viewer. Now, everything dragged into that folder can be viewed by Grandma, but viewed/edited by your spouse.

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