Top Five Cloud Benefits

November 1, 2022

Why cloud is perfect for your photos and videos.

Before our cameras became phones that created digital pictures, most of us stored an ever-growing stack of photos and videotapes in whatever box would fit them. Even though most of us stopped creating physical memories a long time ago, we still have those boxes of photos and videos tucked away.

Unless you already store your pictures in the cloud, you’ve probably opened that box and found some of your memories damaged. It’s heartbreaking to find an irreplaceable photo ripped, folded, or wrinkled, or to find out that cherished VHS tape won’t play anymore. Even if safely stored, there's no guarantee they won’t get lost. Sometimes, no matter how long or hard you search, you just can’t find that certain memory.  All these scenarios certainly make you wish you had a digital copy.  

It’s important to keep your memories safe and accessible.  When disaster strikes, you can replace many of your possessions, like furniture and clothing. But what about that box of memories? Losing those can be devastating – especially if you only have a single copy. If something happens to them, they are gone forever.  But you can have that same comfort and peace of mind for your memories by using cloud storage.

Moving and storing all your photos to the cloud may seem difficult, but it’s quite simple. But why do you need to store your photos in the cloud?  Simply put, with the cloud your photos are safer, more accessible, readily shared, easily organized, and it won’t break the bank.

1. Security

Digital memories can be stored on DVDs, external hard drives, portable flash cards, or even on the cloud- but which is best? Which can withstand an emergency or natural disaster? Can any of them do all of the above and still remain easily accessible?

Portable thumb drives and external hard drives can safely backup your computer to keep your memories safe, but they are susceptible to the same loss and corruption as your computer. Photo albums are a great way to organize your memories, but are no safer unless stored in a fireproof box, making them far less accessible. DVD storage may seem like a safe alternative, but the discs can get scratched and damaged. Even when stored safely, many computer manufacturers are no longer including DVD readers with their devices.

While all these options provide more safety and security for your memories than simply storing them in a box in the garage, they are all susceptible to natural disasters, computer viruses, or even getting lost.

Cloud storage is the safest, most reliable method you can use.  Uploading and storing photos on the cloud allows automatic backups and saves your photos in multiple locations.  This redundancy provides an added layer of protection for your photos, even safeguarding them if your computer crashes. It also protects your memories when disaster strikes, so you don’t have to worry about losing your memories.  

2. Access

Transfer your memories off of outdated technology.

Cloud storage gives you the ability to see your memories anytime, anywhere, from any device. When you save your pictures and videos to the cloud, you won’t have to worry about carrying extra external hard drives, discs, or thumb drives. You will be able to access your memories without worrying if your old VCR still works (or worse, worrying that it will eat your tape), or whether someone will accidentally spill a drink on that beautiful wedding photo of your parents.

Even if something happens to your device, you can rest easy knowing that your memories are safe. You will be able to find them easily on any device with internet access. With cloud storage, you can let go of your worry and spend more time enjoying your favorite memories.

3. Portability

Digital files are easy to share.

No matter where you store your pictures and videos – in a box in the closet, in photo albums in the attic, or scattered in drawers across your home – it can be cumbersome to dig them out and relive those precious moments. Constantly packing and unpacking them into boxes time and time again can cause dangerous wear-and-tear on delicate pictures.

Scan all types of photos to JPG. Convert audio to MP3. Convert video to MP4. Scan documents to PDF. Transfer them all on the cloud and set smart sharing permissions.

When you store them in the cloud, your memories can be shared without lugging your box around the house. You can create digital albums that let you easily browse and share specific pictures without the clutter. You can even share them instantly and easily with loved ones who are far away.

4. Savings

Good cloud storage isn’t free, but neither are replacement DVDs or hard drives, which can get prohibitively expensive quickly. The cost of those replacements doesn’t even account for the opportunity costs to manage that process. Unlimited cloud access plans can cost as little as a few dollars per month. There's no need to buy a more powerful computer with a larger hard drive. Putting your memories on the cloud will save you hundreds of dollars and countless hours of frustration. Some cloud providers allow you to do more than store your files online. Many services let you stream your videos, allow for portable curation, and scale as your needs grow.  

5. Organization

Priceless memories don't belong in a cluttered storage locker.

Once you’re in the cloud, you’ll quickly notice that there is no more opening cluttered drawers, no more pulling old albums from dusty bookshelves or storage spaces, and no more carrying heavy boxes to find multiple video cassettes, photo albums, or stacks of discs. You’ll have all the benefits of modern media – like no longer having to rewind tapes to find a perfect moment – without the bulk and fragility that comes with keeping older memories. With the cloud, you can just tag a digital file with a special name and find it in seconds from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  Just by clicking and dragging, you can organize similar memories into digital folders to declutter your life.  By putting them in the cloud, you can find your favorite photos and videos immediately without waiting.

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