Review and Pay

November 11, 2021

       Heirloom will email you with your media digitizing quote within 1 business day of digitizing kit receipt.  Your quote will have the itemized media items by type, and will include digital samples for your approval.  If you are satisfied with the quality of your digitized media samples, you may select the PAY NOW button to accept your quote as-is, or email to make any modifications.

With Heirloom, unlike our competitors, there is no charge for us to check a piece of media even if it ends up being blank.  You proceed with your digitizing order only once you are satisfied with your itemized quote.  All quotes are good for 30 days. If you need an extension, no problem, just contact Heirloom.  

You can enjoy your digitized media in real time as we complete your order.   Within 1 business day of completion, we will carefully schedule the return of your one-of-a-kind analog memories.  You can enjoy your memories on Heirloom’s secure Cloud for free until 2023, after which point cloud storage will cost less annually than a typical pizza order.

P.S. You only pay for what you want. Simply call an Account Specialist if you'd like to change your quote.

Author:  Keisha, Heirloom Cloud intern 

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