Receive and Enjoy

November 18, 2021

With Heirloom, you begin to receive your digital memories in just a few days. No waiting weeks and months to find out what's on the dusty video reel! We complete all orders within two weeks.

Log in to your Heirloom account and see newly digitized photos and videos immediately. Enjoy the memories as more files appear in real time. You can even share each memory with an unlimited number of friends and family.

You'll receive and email from Heirloom when all media conversion is complete. Then, simply confirm our digitizing meets your standards. We'll ensure everything is correct before returning your original media.

At this time, you can speak with your Account Specialist about purchasing backup USB thumb drives, each containing a copy of all your digitized files. With Heirloom's 11-nines certified cloud (that's 99.999999999% durability), we don't think you'll need them. However, the USB drives can make great gifts to those with limited internet access.

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Forever enjoy with friends and family.