Photos Scanned Logically

January 2, 2020

In what order should photos be scanned? Heirloom scans your photos in a logical order. This means as close as physically possible to the way you ship them.

We attempt to scan photos in the order received, but do group photos by size.  For example, we'll start with the largest photos.  First we'll scan a stack of 8"x10" photos in the order presented, then we'll scan a stack of 5"x7" photos, then a stack of 4"x6" photos.

Heirloom makes no guarantee that we can maintain the exact order of your photos, but it would be more costly for us to rearrange any stacking, or partitioning of photos that you've sent for digitizing.  Keep in mind, many customers just throw all their photos in the way and have us figure it out.  That's OK, and that decluttering is a valuable service we're happy to provide.  As you might imagine, we've gotten pretty good at it over the years!

Keep in mind that each photo is scanned to have a unique file number in the sequence of the order that we scan your photos.  These sequences are also broken down by any physical groupings you provide.  These include partitioning large groups of similar size photos by bagging, envelopes, or other types of bands.  Once digital, it really doesn't matter the order we scanned your photos, any you'll be able to perform digital sorting at the speed of the cloud!

It's never been easier to get your photos scanned to digital files.  Digitize them now before before any loss or damage should occur.  You family will be so happy to hear that you're Preserving Priceless®.

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