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November 4, 2021

Packing and shipping has never been easier!

Your digitizing kit comes with packaging materials needed to protect your media in-transit from you to Heirloom’s digitizers.  The kit has room for 30 VHS cassettes; if you need more space, contact us and we’ll send you a larger kit.  When you are finished, seal the box, login to to schedule shipment, print your shipping label, and schedule home pick-up or drop off at your nearest UPS store.  You can watch this process play out in real-time here on our YouTube channel.

Steps to digitize with Heirloom:

1. Order your digitizing kit and receive it within 3-5 business days.

2.  Secure your memories with enclosed packing materials and seal the kit.

3.  Call (800) 284-9939 or login at to schedule pick-up or drop-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a kit?

Order a digitizing kit by calling us or clicking the button on our website.

What’s in the digitizing kit?

The kit is a pre-packaged 18” x 12” x 6” box with biodegradable packing peanuts and waterproof bags to enclose your original vhs or video reels, cassettes, photographs, and other physical media. The standard size kit fits 30 VHS cassettes.

heirloom digitizing kit on a table with photographs and video cassette tapes

What if I have a lot to digitize and need more space? 

If you need more space to fit all your memories, we can send 2 kits or a kit that is 3x larger than the standard kit at no additional charge.  Contact us to request a larger kit before placing your kit order.

How do I know Heirloom won’t lose my stuff?

Heirloom has a secure shipping and tracking process established with UPS.  To date, we have never had a customer’s kit contents get lost or damaged.  When your kit is returned to you, each of your media items is packaged with care to ensure integrity during shipment.  While your media is being digitized at our business location, only your media is worked to completion before it is carefully repackaged to return to you.  Each grouping of media (bags or envelopes with individual photos) is labeled with a unique barcode that corresponds to a digital file name on Heirloom’s secure cloud.

How will I know Heirloom received my kit?

As soon as UPS receives your kit, they scan the barcode on the packing label and we at Heirloom have real-time visibility on your kit’s whereabouts.  Once received, we will email you to let you know your memories reached us safely.

When will my digitizing quote be available?

After we’ve received your kit, your itemized digitizing quote is available for your review the next business day.  You have as much time as you need to review your itemized quote, but we will also send friendly reminders.  We hold onto your media until you agree the digital samples look great.  Note, you only will pay for what you decide to digitize.  There is no charge for the digital samples Heirloom provides for every item in your kit.  All orders are completed within two weeks.

What will the quote look like?

Your quote will be an easy-to-read, line by line list of your Items and include Quantity, Unit, Price, and Total.  Your subtotal will be at the bottom, as well as the date your digitizing quote is good until (30 days from creation).  Please contact Heirloom if you need this date renewed.  You are able to pick and choose what you want digitized.  Your revised quote will be shared with you in the same fashion for you to approve before your digitizing order is fully processed, and you are able to enjoy your memories on your private secure cloud account.  You’ll receive an email from Heirloom when all media conversion is complete.  

What if I want back-up USB drives?

These are also available upon request.  Simply request this from your Account Specialist when you receive your quote.

What if I don’t know if anything is on a VHS or cassette tape?

There is no charge for us to check a tape, and unlike our competitors, you will not be charged for us to check even if the media is blank.

When will I get my media back?

After you approve all of the digitized samples, we return your media to you using the same packaging process.  We ourselves bring your media kit to our nearest UPS location and hand your kit to a UPS representative to ensure the safe preservation of your cherished media.  You will get an email that your kit is on its way back to you so you can follow its progress.  

How do I know when my media will be returned to me?

So your media is never left unattended, we work with you to schedule a time that is convenient for you for your kit to be returned to your home, so you will be able to present upon its re-delivery.  You may also elect to pick up your kit at your nearest UPS store, or deliver your kit to the address you specify with regular daily UPS delivery.

How much will digitizing cost?

An example of a customer digitizing quote is shown above.  There is no minimum size order.  Typical orders range from $300-$1,300 depending on how much media you choose to digitize at one time.  Unlike our competitors, once you have digitized with Heirloom, you have access to your media on the secure Cloud.  We also pride ourselves on the quality of all of your media, and our exceptional customer service.  You can share your cloud memories with an unlimited number of people.  All Heirloom Cloud accounts are free until 2023, and storage thereafter starts at $19.99 a year, based on total digital storage needed.

Author:  Keisha, Heirloom Cloud intern

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