No Signal, No Charge

May 9, 2019

VCR no longer working? Do you even know what's on those VHS cassettes? No worries! At Heirloom, we inspect all videos before for signal before digitizing.

Heirloom does not charge to inspect your media. We don't digitize any tape that's missing a video signal. That would be silly. Therefore, no charge for any blank tapes you might send us!

Feel free to send all you have to Heirloom and we'll sort it for you. If there is a signal, we will digitize it, no matter what's there. It's not for Heirloom to determine the value of any video. On the cloud, you can decide what to keep, edit, or delete from the comfort of your computer.

Careful. We sometimes digitize countless hours of video on VHS tapes that might seem to contain only garbled signal, but then, boom! Mixed in with all that signal might be a one-minute precious snippet of your child taking their first steps!

Perhaps you recall how this might have happened? Some VHS tapes would allow up to six hours of video. Using your camcorder on a tripod, you may have collected countless hours of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Some of it's great to replay, but most of it's boring.  And then, when an unplanned opportunity presented, you'd go searching for a blank VHS cassette. Not finding one, and not having the time to fast forward or rewind to a blank area on a used tape, you'd use whatever cassette was easiest to grab.

Do you know what's on those old videotapes? Are they blank, do they contain hours of boring content, or might they contain a real treasure hidden somewhere within?

Getting started figuring this out has never been easier. Digitize those tapes now before they go bad forever. Good news...searching through digitized video is so much faster than the old days. No VCR required, no rewinding tapes, and no blinking "12:00"!

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