Does insurance protect my photos?

October 26, 2022

Insurance for auto, home, and physical property are financially helpful in a time of loss. If your policy provides full replacement value, simply take the cash and buy a new car, house, and furniture that were covered in your claim. However, photos, videos, and other original content are not protected by any insurance policy.

Fires and Weather Destroy Memories

Over 358,000 US homes experience a structural fire each year. Extreme weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods damage over 14 million homes. Stored on unsafe physical media, your original photos, home movies, and other cherished memories are not safe in your home. Salvaging any remains from a disaster at your home is heart wrenching.

Your Memories are Uninsured

Insurance companies cover you for the cost of repurchasing new equipment and media, but not the priceless memories on that media. This means you’ll be reimbursed to purchase a new camcorder, and blank VHS cassettes, but not its contents. For an insurance company, there is no way to put a value on your personal photos and videos.

DVDs are Not the Solution

Scanning old photos and transferring videos to digital is only half of the solution. Memories on DVDs, external hard drives, and computer devices are also not safe in your home. DVDs scratch and 50% of hard drives will crash within six years. Tediously making digital copies won’t keep you safe because all physical media is vulnerable to total loss.

Broken, scratched, and cracked physical media.

The Cloud Insures Your Content, For Life

Yes, convert photos to digital JPEG and videos to digital MP4. More importantly, save these portable digital files to the commercial cloud. Cloud data center redundancy offers 99.999999999% durability of your digital files. Now, your memories are easily accessible from any device, shareable with those you love, and preserved for life.

Heirloom stores over 12,000 photos on the cloud for $19.99/year.

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