Customer Obsessed

June 6, 2019

What is it?

‍Businesses talk about the customer experience, customer success, and customer obsession, but few begin that walk at company inception. For many businesses, the customer experience is an afterthought and an attempt to increase sales by deciding to engage in conversation with their customers. However, the best companies are founded to fill a gap in the marketplace by obsessing on solving customer problems.




What's your problem?

I’m trying to solve the problem of human disconnectedness. Despite the internet’s tremendous infrastructure, most applications don’t deliver on the promise of a net positive online community. Broadcast social media has failed, so I propose private networks as the solution.


What’s a private network?

Private networks encourage community building. They succeed because meaningful content is exchanged on a trusted system using enduring standards. Consider the strengthened relationship when receiving a "Kodak" moment from someone special.


Where’s your Kodak moment?

Can you easily exchange memories with those you love? Where’s that special photo of you and mom? Is there a cherished video of an event that changed your life? How about ancestral love letters that established your unique connection to the world?


Why obsess on memories?

Memories increase oxytocin in the brain. They make us feel, and these feelings are multiplied when shared with others we love. Whether at home, school, or work, the world needs a private network for maintaining a community around our shared experiences.


What are you building?

I founded Heirloom to forever connect us with our cherished memories and each other. Your photos and videos produce meaningful content. Data privacy provides trust. Enduring standards preserve your memories for generations to come.



We need your help!

Sure, Heirloom can digitize your old photos and home movies, but we're compelled to do so much more. Our mission is No Memory Left Behind. We’re making it delightful to engage with all your memories, from any device, at any time. How can we make it better?

Heirloom forever stores memories for only $19.99 per year.

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"I love that my memories are digitally preserved and available at my fingertips."
Jeannette Di Giulian
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