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June 6, 2019

We carefully and securely digitize your old media and aim to build meaningful digital communities through shared memories.

     Our goal at Heirloom is to give you the highest quality product and service, not only with our easy-to-use digitizing kit, but throughout your entire order and afterwards when your memories have been preserved on Heirloom’s secure cloud.  We anticipate what you are looking for when you are searching for how to preserve your vhs and audio cassettes, video reels, video discs and dvds, photographs, even your personally-owned collections of copyrighted music and movies.  We know ideally you want your memories both easily accessible and secure, and at your fingertips so you can share it with the people in this world whom you love most.

Call our customer service line anytime for information, or peruse the information on our website.  We want to make the entire process of digitizing and enjoying your priceless collection of joyful images, text, audio and music easy for you.  We have a secure shipping process with UPS, in which you securely hand your boxed digitizing kit to a brick and mortar store and then schedule its to-your-door-return at a time most convenient for you.  Your files and data are promptly and carefully transferred by our highly detailed and careful media transfer technicians, with rush service available upon request.  You pay only for what you want, selecting from the easy-to-read quote provided to you.  Your data is uploaded, stored, and protected by our technical coding experts and informational data security managers who preserve the integrity of the Heirloom platform with the best protection available.

Our goal:  Build digital communities that are meaningful, enduring, trustful, and impactful.

In addition to our digitizing service, what we offer as well that our competitors don’t is a secure place to both store and share your memories after they are digitized  -- with whomever you choose, wherever you choose – FOR LIFE.  Your media will be available on your secure account via your internet browser, accessible from your cell phone or personal computer.  Cloud accounts are free until 2023.  After this, the storage costs will be less than you’d spend on a pizza – storage starting at $19.99 a year which only the data owner pays if you so choose.  You can share it with up to xx people at no cost to them.  If you digitize at age 40, the total cost of data storage for life is less than $1,000.  This is the most competitively priced secure data storage available on the tech market today.  Unlike using social media to store your photos, the sustainability of your cloud memories isn’t dependent on the success of trendy social media platforms.

We keep our prices low because we have a vision of not only enabling the initial ease-of-enjoyment for the digitizer, but because what captivated us to start Heirloom is the drive to share this joy with others.  Instead of sharing your personal memories with everyone you’ve ever met, you can create an intentional, private sharing community on Heirloom’s cloud.

You may wish to share family history with your children and grandchildren.  Maybe you are single and enjoy your music collection, your pets, your nieces and nephews, or the catalog of your antique gun collection; Heirloom is also the place for you.  Maybe you are the historian who has preserved every art project your children have made for you, but now they have left the nest, and you are wondering how to preserve those memories while also being able to clear out that space for your man cave or the craft room you’ve always wanted.  

Each of us are the center of enormous amounts of information and connection.  We at Heirloom want to celebrate your history, your connections, and every dream you have achieved.  We invented the how, and we continue to cultivate, improve, and protect the secured Heirloom network for a brighter, long-term solution to nurturing the ties you have with the people that matter the most to you.

Author:  Keisha P., Heirloom Cloud Intern

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