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Now digitizing is easy!

Get the safest shipping in the industry with our Connect Kit. All transportation costs included. Easy tracking. No need to sort your photos and videos. No minimum size digitizing order. Prices start at $0.25 per photo. Schedule a pickup at your home, or conveniently drop off at any UPS Store location.

Heirloom cloud connect kit

Receive an email within one business day of Heirloom receiving your shipment. Log in to confirm the quality of your digitized photos and videos. Chat with customer service to modify services, formats, or resolutions. No obligation, pay the customizable price quote only if satisfied.

Heirloom Cloud image hosting storage interface

Pay only for what you need. Originals returned, even if declining to digitize. Your media is safely returned by Signature Required. It's sorted, bagged, and labeled for archiving. Use the same box to save $10 on your next digitizing order. Share, edit, or download memories from your private account.

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Everything In One Place

Finding memories is fast! Now there's only one location to search. Digitize your old media and keep adding new memories to the same place.

More Than Cloud Storage

Sure, no more worries about jammed tapes, cracked DVDs, or failing hard drives. Our technology ensures 99.999999999% durability, meaning you may lose one file every 10 million years! However, Heirloom is much more than safe storage. Our secure network allows you to stream video to an unlimited number of friends and family, forever.

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"I previously tried a different digitizing service, but the Heirloom experience was so much better! Now I can log in and share my memories with friends around the world."
Narguesse Nourkeyhani
Experienced Customer

Connect Kit

Safely ship any media to Heirloom. Enjoy digital samples within 24 hours of receipt. Confirm the quality from your secure network. Pay the customizable price quote only if satisfied. Media returned by Signature Required UPS.

Only $29.99 to get started!

Your Secure Network

You're the Owner. Heirloom respects your privacy and rejects technology that manipulates your content. All your memories are private. Only you control who sees what, if anything. Select one of three permissions whenever choosing to share one or more memories.

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This is the most basic sharing permission. All it takes is an email address! Viewers can receive an unlimited memories from their new account.


Contributors do the same as Viewers, but they can also reshare a file and add a description. Great option for close friends!


Editors do the same as Contributors, but can also rename, move, and delete files. Helps families curate their collections.

First Year Free!

Try the Heirloom secure network at no cost. All digitizing orders come with a free year of this exceptional service, no matter the storage required. All files are portable, so you can download your entire collection at any time. If it's right for you, upgrade to a paid plan where you can enjoy all your memories in one place, forever.