How It Works

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Now it's easy to enjoy your old memories. Heirloom digitizes every type of media, to include photos, video, audio, and all cherished articles.  Share your memories to any device from our low cost cloud.  If you prefer, order backups of your digital files on a USB flash drive with the return of your original media.


Send us your cherished  memories

Order a Digitizing Kit (only $29.99 paid at final invoice). You’ll receive our impact resistant box, packing and a pre-paid shipping label in a few days. Insured, and tracked, it is the safest shipping option. 

Once filled, UPS will pick it up at your door or you can drop it off at any UPS Store.

(*Optional - You can choose to use your own box, or a different shipper.)

Approve free digital samples

Heirloom sorts and quotes prices for every item in the box for free.

Our neurodiverse digitizing team provides best-in-class quality. We’ll provide digital samples of your media for review on the cloud. You decide and pay only for what you want digitized.

Digitizing will be completed within ten days.

Enjoy on a private network

We’ll safely ship all of your original media back to your address.

You’ll receive unlimited cloud access to our private network, free for 90 days. You can share with friends and family to enjoy from any device. Upgrade for just $49.99/year for unlimited users.

(*Optional - Keep digital copies at home by ordering Heirloom USB backup drives.)

Get Started

You're In Charge

Our professionals select the most popular formats and resolutions for each type of media. You receive a precise accounting, digital samples of your files, and a full price quote by email. Simply click to pay and put your order into production (1-3 weeks). Otherwise, contact your Account Representative to make modifications to your order.

No Sorting Required

Put your problem in a box and send to Heirloom.  We're the decluttering experts.  There is no extra cost to sort, count, and prepare your order for digitizing. 

Price Transparency

Personal Service

Get immediate email notifications with every update of your order.  It's so easy to click your way to digitally curated memories.  However, you can always communicate with your personal Account Representative by calling or texting 800-284-9939. If ever a question, your "Rep" is happy to help.