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1. Buy an Heirloom Connect Kit to ship directly to the professionals.

The safest way to ship.
Only $29.99 for all packing materials, 3-way shipping, and instantaneous tracking.

2. Pay only if satisfied with your digital samples and customizable quote.

The safest way to shop.
Simple unit prices.  No minimum size digitizing order.  Prices start at $0.15 per photo.

3. Enjoy memories on your private cloud network.

The safest way to share.
Unlimited access.  Easy to share.  Only $19.99/yr for up to 50 hours of streaming video.


Heirloom Connect Kit

The safest way to ship.

Our kit includes a durable box (18”x12”x6”), three way shipping, waterproof pouches, packing materials, and security tape. The box can hold a mixture of any type of media, up to 30 standard VHS cassettes. Best yet, there’s no need to sort and count your media. Just put anything in the box and we’ll take it from there. A unique UPS tracking number is already assigned, but Heirloom will email you each step of the way.

Pay for what you need.

The safest way to shop.

You receive an email within days of shipping. It contains a secure log in to your online account.  Immediately review digital samples of your memories. If all looks right, simply pay the itemized price quote and we’ll complete your order within 10 days! Chat with our service team to customize your order if you’d like optional services, formats, and resolutions. We return your original media at no cost (it’s part of the $29.99 kit), even if you choose to decline our digitizing quote.

Your private cloud network.

The safest way to share.

Your memories are forever preserved on Heirloom. Our Bronze Cloud holds up to 12,500 digital photos or 50 hours of streaming video for only $19.99/year. Larger plansare available. You can share any of your memories to an unlimited number of friends and family. As the Owner of your memories, set permissions asEditor, Contributor, or Viewer.  All files are portable.  You can download at any time.

start by digitizing your analog media
Finally preserve those old memories! Our kit makes it easy and safe. Your originals are returned after confirming online quality.
Call/text 800-284-9939 or click below.
*Includes the sorting of your media, customized quote, and all shipping.


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