Get Started

Send your memories to get digitized.

  1. Print a "Self Ship" label and send your box using the USPS, FEDEX, or UPS.

  2. Buy a "Secure Transfer Kit" and arrange for a pickup from the convenience of your home.

Self Ship

Client and courier during order transfer, horizontal

Print a label, apply it to your box, and bring it to your favorite carrier.  This label is clearly addressed to the Heirloom digitizing facility, just outside of Washington, DC.  You'll receive an email immediately upon receipt.  We accept shipments up to 150 pounds from your choice of carrier, to include the USPS, FEDEX, and UPS.  

Secure Transfer Kit

Animated Unboxing 2-1

Buy this complete system.  Easy as 1-2-3.  No standing in line, and no paying retail shipping prices!  Kit includes a durable memory box (18" x 12" x 6"), paid pickup label (already applied), insurance, waterproof pouches, security tape, and packing materials.  Kit delivered to you by US Priority Mail for only $29.99.