Frequently Asked Questions

    A box of your memories are actually safer in the hands of a reputable shipping company than stored in the average home where they can be lost due to fire, flood, and analog aging.  Be smart when shipping.  Use a strong corrugated cardboard box with good seals.  Have a label inside the box too.  For the safest option, consider buying our Secure Transfer Kit.

    Your Secure Transfer Kit will ship out by the end of the next business day by US Priority Mail.  Coming from Virginia, this will typically take one to three days for most locations in the US.  This is the perfect amount of time to gather your memories for digitization.

    You bet!  Our US-based Account Representatives answer the phones at 1-800-284-9939 on Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm eastern time.  Please call us!

    Each Heirloom customer is assigned a specific Account Representative.  Your personal "Rep" is much like a concierge and will get to know your specific requirements well.  Your Rep will send an email (or text if you prefer) whenever there is an update to your order.  Your Rep's name, email address, and telephone extension are at the bottom of every email.

    We normally complete orders in one week.  Sometimes we get a rush of orders at the same time, and this can slow down production.  However, we guarantee to complete your order within three weeks of payment.  Good news, you will have immediate access to your digitized files on the cloud once we complete your order!

    Yes, of course.  Heirloom is designed for what you need.  It’s not unusual for customers to send a bunch of VHS tapes, a few Polaroids, some slides, and maybe one audio cassette in one order.  There is no minimum, so please send us what makes sense to you.

    By transferring your media to the scalable cloud, Heirloom is a leader in slowing the production of unnecessary plastics like DVDs, but we have so much more to do!  One small step is using biodegradable packing peanuts made from starch to secure your heirlooms for shipping.

    We understand it's normal that media players, projectors, VCRs, and other devices fail, making it impossible for some customers to know what is on their media.  We often receive batches of media where one or more tapes is completely empty.  No worries!  Heirloom does not digitize blank media or charge a fee to determine that.

    Heirloom receives photos in a wide range of assortments.  Some customers neatly stack their photos in separate bags or envelopes, while others just throw everything together loosely.  We do our best to maintain clustering your photos the way they we're received, but cannot guarantee the physical media will return to you in the exact sequence you sent.  Bottom line, we scan your photos in a logical sequence.