We Are Living in the Cloud Now

Man embracing a distant cloud in a blue sky

Under COVID-19, and cancelled family reunions, how can we stay connected? Heirloom recommends digitizing your memories, then sharing them on the cloud!

Jason Lemkin writes a good article about life in the cloud, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  “We don’t fly, now we Zoom.” With the need for physical distancing, now sharing your old memories comes to the cloud as well.

Sharing memories using the cloud is an inexpensive alternative to postponed family reunions.  Little is stopping us from picking up the phone to check up on family members far away.  But better, email them a family photo they haven’t seen in decades. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that’s better worth sharing, and the cloud makes it easy.

Perhaps send the link to a video of all of you enjoying your younger days? Better, arrange a video chat and invite even more to congregate at the same time. Together you can have a virtual “slide show” or watch videos of past family reunions. With cloud technology, no long car trips, no airport stress, and no hotel rooms stopovers. Once arrived, no setting up screens, no searching through boxes of cluttered media, no rewinding tapes, and no disappointment when you find the old equipment no longer works.

What a surprise it can be for your parents to relive to good old days while chatting with their kids and grandchildren! Perhaps they all but forgot about those old 8mm video reels, VHS tapes, and Betamax cassettes? Give them a call and tell them you’re going to help them digitize these old treasures so the whole family can enjoy… even as we’re living separate physical lives.

Living in the cloud means that the internet will provide the means for more, faster, and better communications. We certainly all miss being more physically connected, but now we have technological choices to alleviate that. Don’t let COVID-19 and miles of separation keep you from celebrating life with those you love.

It's never been easier to put your memories on the cloud so the whole family can enjoy.  Get started today by sending your memories to the Heirloom digitizing facility.  You can "Self Ship" using any carrier, or purchase a "Secure Transfer Kit" and have a pickup at the convenience of your home.

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