Transportation Costs Increase

FEDEX truck delivery

COVID-19 has forced UPS and FEDEX to increase their shipping charges. This effects transporting your memories to Heirloom. It's still well worth the cost.

Because of increased demand for e-commerce during the COVID-19 and the Corona virus pandemic, both the United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FEDEX) have been forced to increase their transportation prices.  Heirloom has consequently had to adjust our shipping charges too.  We still offer the same great quality service service, but now it will cost a little more to transport your memories between your home and our digitizing facility.

It will now cost a little more cash when using Heirloom's Self Ship and taking your box to favorite shipping carrier.  Retail shipping might be convenient, but it can also be a little pricey.  Be careful of the sticker shock the next time you present a package at a retail shipping counter.

During these times, we suggest leveraging Heirloom's low cost shipping to get your memories to our Virginia digitization facility.  Our Secure Transfer Kit is a sturdy box (18" x 12" x 6"), paid FEDEX shipping label, and all the packaging materials you need.  The Kit will hold up to 26 VHS cassettes, and there is no limit to the weight that you can put in this box.  It's only $19.99, and likely much less than shipping retail.

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