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Woman signing for package

Signature Required

Everyone enjoys receiving a home delivery.  Criminals do too.  From "porch pirates" to texting scams, you need to employ diligence to stay safe in today's cyber-driven economy.  Good news!  You'll never have delivery problems when using Heirloom.

Porch Pirates

Doorbell cameras have helped to cut down on porch pirates.  Local police have also taken notice.  However, the best defense is to remove the criminal's opportunity by not having unattended packages visible from public access.  Request a vendor make delivery on a day you expect someone to be home, or request shipment to an alternate location, like your work address.

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Unboxing a Secure Transfer Kit from Heirloom

Digitizing Kit

Preserving your priceless memories is fast and safe using Heirloom's Digitizing Kit!  The kit ships to your door with everything you need.  Now, digitizing is easy as 1-2-3!

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