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Top 5 Reasons to Put Your Memories on the Cloud

First, it was old video reels, then a transfer to VHS cassettes, and later conversion to DVDs!  Will outdated media ever stop?  Here are the top five reasons to move your family memories to the cloud.

1.  Your Loved Ones

Your memories are priceless and deserve preservation.  Have you properly secured your family's cherished photos and videos?  Barring a total loss due to a fire, flood, or storm, does your family even know the media exists?  One of the most effective habits of highly effective people is to "Begin with the end in mind."  Without sounding morbid, what will your children, grandchildren, and other heirs think as they comb through dusty boxes of old memories after your death?  Instead, might they prefer you share them today in a way that the whole family can enjoy, together?  Putting your memories on the cloud, privately or publicly, is the best way to stay connected with family and friends from any location. 

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How long does it take to digitize VHS tapes?

We're often asked how long it takes to digitize VHS memories.  The answer... it depends.  More importantly, who is doing the digitizing?


The Inescapable Truth

No matter who is doing the digitizing, capturing VHS signal is done in real time.  Therefore, a two hour video takes at least two hours to digitize.  One machine plays the tape, while another captures the signal into a digital format.  Most VHS cassettes hold up to six hours of signal, so good digitizers will play through the entire tape (six hours) to ensure they don't miss an important video event later in the tape. 

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