Secure Transfer Kit

Getting memories to the Heirloom digitization facility has never been easier with the Secure Transfer Kit!  The kit delivers to your door, wrapped in paper, and ready to go.  It's easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Buy the kit.  At only $19.99, this entire system will cost less than the retail shipping costs from most carriers.  But better, no standing in line!  You can drop off your Heirloom-labeled box at any FEDEX location, or call to have picked up from the convenience of your home.

2.  Fill the box.  Well, first remove the bag of environmentally safe (starch) packing peanuts and use just what you need to secure your media in the box.  (Surplus peanuts can be discarded or washed down the drain.)  Recommend securing your memories using the enclosed waterproof pouches, then signing the security tape after sealing the box.

3.  Call for pickup.  Your Account Representative at 800-284-9939 is happy to advise and create a home pickup for a day and time convenient for you.  Or, click to make a request online.

Heirloom has complete accountability of your Secure Transfer Kit.  Each is uniquely labelled inside and out to identify you as the contents owner.  Each handler scans responsibility of your box as it moves through FEDEX and our digitization facility.  Our underwriter insures your memories, but Heirloom has never lost or damaged a single item among millions processed. 

You'll receive these important email notifications from Heirloom:

  • Box received at the digitization facility.
  • Digitized samples ready for review and approval.
  • Login information to enjoy your digitized memories.

Your memories are not safe in a hot attic, moldy basement, and every place where they are unprotected from loss (even with a homeowners insurance policy).  Heirloom is Preserving Priceless® so you'll have photos, videos, and cherished documents forever.  Digitize now and enjoy your memories from any device.

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