Remembering just got easier!

Using digital technology to remember

Where did I leave my keys? Why was I headed to this room?  What was the name of that person I just met?  We all experience occasional memory challenges.  Research at Johns Hopkins confirms that human brain cognition degrades with age, but more connections can improve everyone's memory.

Enjoying events with your family and friends is a great way to stay connected and improve your memory.  Even with COVID-19 travel restrictions, digital technology allows us to virtually visit with anyone, anywhere in the world.  The unprecedented rise of Zoom is evidence of a great way to connect with friends and family in real time.

It's sometimes difficult to connect across the generations, but one organization is making it easier. helps grandparents use technology to grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with their loved ones.  They offer free guides to connecting on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facetime.5 Ways to Connect with Grandkids

How many of today's kids have seen pictures or videos of their parents and grandparents?  What type of media holds those memories?  Do you have working video reel players, photo slide projectors, or even a working VCR?  How much of a barrier do you have to sharing family legacies with your precious loved ones?  

Have you seen this beautiful memory from Apple?
Apple 2019 Holiday Commercial

Good news!  Remembering just got easier.  Converting old media to a portable digital format makes it convenient to enjoy and share all your family memories.  With your digitized memories saved to the cloud, you can enjoy your old photos, videos, and other cherished memories from any device.

Heirloom makes this easy.  No leaving your home... Heirloom provides a free pickup using our Secure Transfer Kit.  No sorting required... Heirloom sorts, counts, and makes and exact quote to digitize everything you have.  No obligation... Heirloom provides digital samples of your media before accepting or paying for any order.

Remembering just got easier.  Stay connected with your family.  Get Started and digitize your memories today!

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