How to save old video?

Old video saved to a tablet

Those tapes are going bad.  Convert your 8mm reels, VHS, Beta, and even DVDs to a portable digital format that will last forever.  Share on the cloud so the whole family can enjoy from any device.

Analog video is aging faster than you know.  Hot attics and moldy basements are no place for your precious videos and other valuable memories.  Your home is not the safest place to store heirloom media either.  Fires, floods, and storms wipe out thousands of one-of-a-kind memories every year.  No homeowners insurance policy could ever replace the loss of these photos, video, audio, and other cherished documents.

Good news:  It's never been a better time to digitize.  Now, use Heirloom to convert your old video to a portable digital format.  Video conversion starts as low as $1.99.  Your family will be amazed when they receive access to these shared files on the cloud.  You can ever purchase USB backup drives loaded with all your files for as little as $9.99.  Send one to every member of the family.

Get started today be getting your media to Heirloom.  Print a "Self Ship" label and choose the carrier of choice.  Or better, buy a "Secure Transfer Kit" and receive all that's needed to get digitized without ever leaving your home.

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