How to digitize my memories during COVID-19?

COVID-19 mask and glasses

Decluttering your memories is a great project during the COVID-19 quarantine. Get your old media to Heirloom's digitizing facility using FEDEX home pickup.

Heirloom continues offering photo scanning and video conversion services during the global pandemic.  COVID-19 has not slowed our operations.  Instead, with more families quarantining at home, we've seen an increase in orders during this time.

We're pleased and honored that business continues strong during this difficult time.  Because we're already socially distanced from our customers, our service is as safe as any other e-commerce company.  However, as a consumer service company we're a little different than Amazon.  You can actually speak with one of our Account Representatives on the phone!

Customers have told us the pandemic has prompted them to consider what's really essential in life.  We've overwhelmingly heard that family is top on that list.  Staying connected with family, especially as we're living in different regions of the world, can be difficult, but Heirloom offers a solution to this problem.

Sharing old memories across the miles has been a joyful activity.  Some families hadn't seen old video since it was recorded to 8mm reels in the 1960s!  Now all the generations can celebrate by reliving memories of the past simply by clicking from any device on the cloud.  No need to rewind tapes, make DVD copies, or travel outside your quarantine bubble.

There's never been a better time to digitize your memories. Get started today by getting your memories to the Heirloom digitizing facility.  You can "Self Ship" using your choice of carrier, or better, buy a "Secure Transfer Kit" to have your memories conveniently pickup up from your home.

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