Heirloom is Preserving Priceless®

Preserving Priceless trademark from USPTO

Your memories are priceless.  They spark powerful emotions of remembrance, nostalgia, and joy.  Family history has a whole new relevance while looking through ancestral photos.  Playing an old VHS cassette helps us to relive our childhood.  How cherished to hear the precious voice of a deceased friend!

Few of these memories are safe from loss.  Digital devices began collecting photos and videos in a multiplicative manner only after the year 2000.  Before then, consumers relied on a hodgepodge of one-of-a-kind analog mediums.  These included photo negatives, photo prints, photo slides, video reels, videocassette tapes, audio reels, audiocassettes, and a variety of documents like handwritten letters, graduation certificates, and piles of children's artwork.

For decades, consumers have sought to preserve these priceless memories by exchanging one outdated medium for another.  As one example, it was popular in the 1980s to convert old 8mm video reels to VHS cassettes.  Starting around 2000, some of those same VHS cassettes got converted to digital video discs (DVD).  The DVD might be digital, but it's far from being a medium that's fully usable, widely accessible, and infinitely scaleable.  The DVD is a horrible way to store your digital heirlooms.

Consumers prefer a platform that will finally preserve their priceless memories.  They cite relying on outdated technology, or a videocassette recorder (VCR) that's no longer in production as a major pain point.  Scratched, cracked, and failing DVDs are an inevitable source of stress, and labeling multiple copies is a nightmare.  The DVD can only store 4.7 gigabytes (GB) of data, and even an external hard drive has a limited capacity.  Making multiple DVDs to share with relatives is a fool's errand when devices like the iPad have no optical drives.  Consumers also resent converting their precious memories into a proprietary format that limits their freedom to personalize, sort, and share.

54 DVD vs 1 USB

In 2006, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt first used "the cloud" to describe an "always on", professionally managed, and non-proprietary architecture that would solve these problems.  We know it as the internet, but more specifically, the commercial cloud is a series of replicated servers offering data durability at 99.999999999% (eleven 9s).  There's a higher likelihood of an asteroid destroying the earth than ever losing a single file on the commercial cloud.

This is why I founded Heirloom.CLOUD.  You might find another "dot com" to convert your analog memories to a digital medium, but even the United States Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that only Heirloom is Preserving Priceless®.  We've made a promise to build capabilities to delight our customers today, and into the future.  We believe in data portability, digital privacy, and partnering with others to steward your memories well.

We understand that some consumers simply aren't ready to place exclusive trust in cloud.  With Heirloom you can choose to transfer your memories to the appropriate-size USB drive.  Our 256GB thumb drive has 54 times the capacity of one DVD, so you can have all your files in one place.  You can copy these files to each computer, then store your USB drive in a safe place.  Even if a fire, flood, or storm should destroy that one place, your priceless memories are still preserved on the cloud.  You'll be the hero for having chosen wisely.

Digitize today and enjoy forever.  Heirloom is here to help.  We also continue serving you long after scanning your photos, converting your videos, and otherwise transferring your precious data to the cloud.  Our searchable knowledge base is readily available in this blog, but we also enjoy real conversations with our customers Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET).  Give us a call at 1-800-284-9939 if you'd like to know more, schedule a future conversation, or simply click "Get Started" to begin today.


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