From the Capital of the Free World

Approaching Washington, DC from I-95 north in Virginia

It's no coincidence that Heirloom was founded in the Washington, DC area. It's the home of good technology, universities, and an expertise in big data.

Washington is an amazing place to live and work.  The metropolitan area is rather expansive, including much of rural Maryland and the suburbs of northern Virginia.  People from all over the world work in Washington, and nearly every nation has a diplomatic presence there.  It's less a melting pot, and more like a salad bowl of the world's brightest minds.  Most importantly, every American can feel at home in the capital of the nation.

Members of Congress represent the people of their respective states, and many of America's heroes are memorialized here.  The United States federal government is the largest employer, but the area boasts headquarters for many of the world's top businesses and organizations.  Recently, Amazon built their second headquarters in nearby Arlington, Virginia.

Heirloom greatly benefits from the expertise in the region.  Proximity has allowed the company to find data scientists, software engineers, and other specialists to help build the Preserving Priceless® infrastructure to best delight its customers.  Blessed with a well-educated population of motivated youth, Heirloom is able to recruit, train, and employ an army of Media Handlers to help digitize the world.

But the company is far from finished growing.  There is much work to do, and Heirloom is constantly hiring.  Many of the positions are located in nearby Virginia where Heirloom operates it's first digitizing facility.  However, the company also hires for a variety of virtual positions, to include Account Representatives.

Do you live in or near the Capital of the Free World?  Want to have a part in digitizing the world?  If you or someone you know would make a good candidate for a career at Heirloom, please refer them to Careers.