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Heirloom believes in digital privacy, and the commercial cloud makes that possible more than any other medium.  Your data is always encrypted while any of your devices communicates with Heirloom's cloud.  Unlike public networks like Facebook, the data on Heirloom's private network can never be shared or viewed by anyone but yourself and the intended recipients.  You would be surprised to see the reputable organizations that trust could managed private networks for their most sensitive data!

Security is a broad topic that's incredibly relevant to your personal memories.  That's why Heirloom makes a promise to "ensure digital privacy in all our transactions."  Further, our commitment to physical and digital security further supports your privacy and preservation of your priceless memories.

Few have thought through physical security of your memories than the professionals at Heirloom.  The fact is, your memories just aren't safe stored in any one physical location.  Besides a breach by any unauthorized human, your fragile memories are incredibly vulnerable to environmental elements like heat, cold, moisture, and dryness.  Too much family history has been destroyed by fire, flood, and storm.

Transportation of your original media also comes with some risk to physical security.  However, the security protocols of the United States Postal Service, Federal Express, and the United Parcel Service far exceed the physical protections available in the average American home.  Even so, Heirloom has established a number of security measures to further protect your memories in transit to our digitization facility.  Buy a Secure Transfer Kit and be ensured of the finest in physical security for your memories.

Digital security is the next Heirloom hallmark.  Employing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on our cloud ensures that only authorized recipients receive your precious data.  You may also have Heirloom return your data on a physical USB drive, but we cannot ensure the digital privacy of these files outside our control.

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