Data Portability

Data portability is a concept like freedom.  People don't think about it until it's been taken away.  Are your memory files fully free to share with your loved ones, or are they locked into a proprietary platform?  How about the file format?  Can your files be readily converted to another format without suffering any loss of quality?

Heirloom thinks a lot about data portability and is a signature of the Declaration of Data Independence.  We believe that your "data is more important than any of our applications" and we resist the competition that seeks to lock you into a proprietary format or platform.  We also know that "data value increases with the number of connections it shares," and are therefore building a platform so you can curate your native files, making them more relevant to you, your family, and friends.

Like the Library of Congress, Heirloom allows you to curate your data files with metadata.  Metadata, or tagging a file with more data, creates more valuable information.  For example, once a VHS cassette has been converted to a portable MP4 digital file, you can tag that digital file with the names of everyone who appears in that video.  Not only will this help you find this file again, but it will also allow you to find all the files relevant with the tag of a particular person.

Your data and metadata resides on Heirloom's cloud in it's native form.  It is not dependent on any proprietary platform.  That means your investment of time accurately tagging your files is preserved.  You can download all your data files from Heirloom at any time, and this metadata will travel with it as properties of the file.

Contact Heirloom if you'd like to preserve your priceless memories while maintaining data portability.  We're available at 1-800-284-9939, Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET).  We'd enjoy having a conversation with you, or click "Get Started" to start shipping your memories today.

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