Data Portability

Is your data locked up?

Data portability is a concept few pause to consider.  It's similar to the idea of freedom.  Freedom is something we take for granted until our liberties are restricted.  What about your favorite memories?  Is access to this data restricted in any way?  Are you free to enjoy your memories from any device, at any time?  Can you easily share this data with your friends and family, or is is locked up by some proprietary platform?

Standards Matter

Heirloom thinks a lot about data portability.  As a steward of your digital files, we strive to keep your all your data fully accessible.  To Heirloom, data portability means not restricting your memories by digitizing into some type of proprietary format, like the DVD format for video.  Instead, as recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Moving Pictures Experts Groups (MPEG), Heirloom converts your video to a highly portable MP4 format.

We're also a signatory of the Declaration of Data Independence.  We believe your "data is more important than our platform."  We also know that "data value increases with the number of connections it shares."  We therefore ensure you have a platform to curate your native files, making them more relevant to you, your family, and friends.

Preserve Your Investment

Heirloom allows you to curate your digital files with portable metadata.  Metadata, or tagging a file with more data, creates more valuable information.  For example, once a VHS cassette has been converted to a portable MP4 digital file, you can tag that digital file with the names of everyone who appears in that video.  This makes it easy to find that file when you want.

Your data and metadata resides on Heirloom's cloud in it's native form.  It's not dependent on any proprietary platform, where the metadata goes way when you leave the platform.  That means your investment of time accurately tagging your files is preserved.  You can download all your data files from Heirloom at any time, and this metadata will travel with it as a file property.

Heirloom believes in preserving the portability of your priceless memories.  Call us at 1-800-284-9939 to learn more about how Heirloom digitizing does this for you.  If you're ready to Get Started today, send a box of media now to start experiencing the difference.  Within mere days, you'll be sharing old photos and videos with loved ones at the speed of the internet.

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