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Geoff Weber is CEO and original founder of Heirloom Cloud.

Memory Digitizing Guide

Wise consumers insure their homes and cars, but it's impossible to replace your one-of-a-kind photos and video.  These original treasures require a robust copy to prevent a total loss.  Making digital copies of physical media, or digitizing, is the best method to preserve your priceless memories.
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One Inch Stack of Photos

One Inch Pile Equals 100 Photos

To quickly determine your quantity of photos, simple measure each pile.  There are approximately 100 regular size photos for every inch.  For example, a 5 inch stack contains about 500 photos.  At Heirloom, those 500 photos are each scanned as an individual JPG file at 300dpi for only $75.00.  That's only $0.15 each!

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Why won't this file play on my computer?

Consumers have frustratingly asked the same question since the beginnings of the personal computer (PC).  Starting in the 1980s, users wanted to know why some important files would not open or play correctly on their devices.  The files in question are typically transferred from one PC user to another user on a different PC.  Sometimes the important file contains business data, sometimes it's a compelling image, but due to the complexity of the file type, most often the file is some kind of video file.  

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Preserving Priceless trademark from USPTO

Heirloom is Preserving Priceless®

Your memories are priceless.  They spark powerful emotions of remembrance, nostalgia, and joy.  Family history has a whole new relevance while looking through ancestral photos.  Playing an old VHS cassette helps us to relive our childhood.  How cherished to hear the precious voice of a deceased friend!

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Unboxing a Secure Transfer Kit from Heirloom

Secure Transfer Kit

Getting memories to the Heirloom digitization facility has never been easier with the Secure Transfer Kit!  The kit delivers to your door, wrapped in paper, and ready to go.  It's easy as 1-2-3!

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Old video saved to a tablet

How to save old video?

Those tapes are going bad.  Convert your 8mm reels, VHS, Beta, and even DVDs to a portable digital format that will last forever.  Share on the cloud so the whole family can enjoy from any device.

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Icon for a TIFF digital image file

What's a TIFF?

TIFF is the acronym for Tagged Image File Format, a digital standard for image files.  The TIFF is not as popular as the JPG standard, but the TIFF boasts "lossless" quality and raster graphics features.

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Icon for a PNG digital image file

What's a PNG?

PNG is the acronym for Portable Network Graphics, a digital standard for image files.  The PNG is not as popular as the JPG standard, but the PNG boasts "lossless" quality and supports better image editing.

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Video Home System (VHS) analog cassette tape

What is a VHS cassette tape?

VHS is the acronym for Video Home System.  VHS used a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) to record and play analog video tapes.  VHS rose to popularity in the 1970s, but has been surpassed by the technology inherent with digital video.

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Image of digital privacy

Digital Privacy

Heirloom believes in digital privacy, and the commercial cloud makes that possible more than any other medium.  Your data is always encrypted while any of your devices communicates with Heirloom's cloud.  Unlike public networks like Facebook, the data on Heirloom's private network can never be shared or viewed by anyone but yourself and the intended recipients.  You would be surprised to see the reputable organizations that trust could managed private networks for their most sensitive data!

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What's a JPG?

A JPG, also called JPEG, is the most popular digital format for photographic image files.  JPEG is an acronym for the Joint Photographic Experts Group who first developed this standard for digital photography in 1992.  The digital file extension .jpeg and .jpg are interchangeable.  Most often you'll see the digital file represented as *.jpg, but most people pronounce the file as a "Jay-Peg" image.

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Data Portability

Data portability is a concept like freedom.  People don't think about it until it's been taken away.  Are your memory files fully free to share with your loved ones, or are they locked into a proprietary platform?  How about the file format?  Can your files be readily converted to another format without suffering any loss of quality?

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