Happy Birthday to the CD?

Man with CD

Sony released the first Compact Disk (CD) on October 1, 1982.  Do you remember?  Being "random access" digital, there was no more need to rewind or fast forward music cassette tapes.  The CD was an incredible innovation, but where are they now?

Over One Trillion Discs!

This is enough to circle the earth 30 times.  Now that we're living in the cloud, the CD is on the wrong side of history.  Most are going to landfills or incineration which creates a massive stream of toxic waste and harmful pollutants.

refuse collection overview

Recycled Plastic

Now, one innovative company is doing something about this.  Nimble, of Costa Mesa, California turns old CDs into durable smartphone cases.  As a chapter B (benefit) corporation, the company is committed to improving social and environmental standards of the consumer electronics industry.


Environmental Stewardship

How about you?  Do you recycle those old plastic CDs and DVDs?  Why not let Heirloom transfer your music CDs and movie DVDs to the cloud so they can be accessed from any device?  Heirloom also has great prices for transferring your data disks to the cloud.

Now it's easy.  Just put everything in a box and send to our northern Virginia digitization facility.  Get you Secure Transfer Kit, experience the joy of streaming memories from any device, all with the convenience of never leaving your home.

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