No Memory Left Behind

This is our mission. We're challenged to connect subscribers to all photos, videos, and each other. Friends exchange content, find meaningful connections, and build enduring communities on Heirloom’s secure network.

Ten faces of happy customers

Why We're Different

Heirloom is built on the principles of digital privacy, data usability, and the power of cloud technology. We empower you as the content owner. Your data is never monetized. Our platform gives you full control of your memories, forever. Sadly, time is not our friend. We still need to digitize billions of home movies, photos, and other cherished memories before disaster strikes, discs fail, and your memories go missing.

Veteran Owned Business

The mission is so much larger than ourselves, a concept well understood by our veteran team. This high trust culture provides the foundation for rapid growth while maintaining exceptional quality. Among the shifting sands of change, Heirloom leadership remains focused on serving our customers with No Memory Left Behind.

Image depicting Heirloom cloud image storage interface
Heirloom c-e-o, geoff weber's digitized childhood photo
c-e-o geoff weber's professional photo
Geoff Weber, CEO

Geoff Weber, a retired combat veteran, was trained to protect what’s priceless. He’s also grieved over needless loss. Geoff founded Heirloom after discovering too many family memories were destroyed by breakage, neglect, and disaster. His expertise at transporting classified materials for the US government now ensures your photos & videos stay safe, forever.

c-t-o of Heirloom john rahaghi's digitized baby photo
CTO John Rahaghi's professional photo
John Rahaghi, CTO

John Rahaghi, formerly at Facebook, is Geoff’s longtime friend and Heirloom co-founder. Also a former national security professional, John is experienced at building secure technologies. They’re now growing a team to steward of all the world’s stories. This includes reuniting families with memories found at thrift stores, flea markets, and abandoned storage units.

"Geoff is with you throughout the whole process!".
- Erik Gunnison

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