What our founders say

Heirloom c-e-o, geoff weber's digitized childhood photo
c-e-o geoff weber's professional photo
geoff weber
"Sharing that special memory with a loved one!"
c-t-o of Heirloom john rahaghi's digitized baby photo
CTO John Rahaghi's professional photo
John rahaghi
"Preserving my heritage before a hard drive crash."


Heirloom is the all-in-one memory solution making it easy for loved ones to enjoy photos, videos, and all cherished media from any device, for life. Founded by Geoff Weber in 2019, Heirloom Cloud Corporation is a Delaware technology startup disrupting a long fragmented marketplace. Heirloom allows full enjoyment of all memories for the entire life cycle. The Heirloom “Three Cs” helps people:  Capture all content. Curate with ease. Connect in a private network.

The company brings unique insight into the current state of media disarray and serves up an enterprise-level solution to this problem.  Like all who struggle to recall their memories, Heirloom’s founders each deliver captivating personal stories that speak to why the world desperately needs Heirloom.  They recount tragic events like losing boxes of inherited media, the pain of hard drive crashes, and the disconnected clutter as friends blast new memories from a variety of digital platforms.  They’ve experienced the pain of seeing isolated elders struggle to connect with their loved ones from a distance.  In addition to a relentless passion for an enduring solution, company leadership also brings organizational expertise from the highest levels of the US Government, Microsoft, and Facebook.  This includes Geoff’s big data experience leveraging AWS to bring order to chaos in the US Intelligence Community.  Heirloom’s solution forever preserves priceless content to the cloud, while understanding consumers crave so much more.

The marketplace demands a joyful social experience.  This includes connecting people to old memories, and each other.  Sharing memories in an Heirloom private network is safer than exposure on broadcast mediums.   It also encourages deeper engagement among controlled social groups, close friends, and family.  Simple permissions ensure the right people have the right access to the right data.  Heirloom is the best place for your baby’s adorable laughter, a touching video of your grandparents’ wedding, and all kinds of throwback photos.  It doesn’t exclude sharing a copy to a popular social media platform, but Heirloom is the trusted repository for all your original memories.  Rather than searching multiple physical locations and digital devices, it’s much faster to find content when collected in a single location.  The Heirloom user interface makes it easy for all generations to capture, curate, and connect new content.  This even includes valuable content about content, otherwise known as metadata.  Allowing older family members to voiceover their recollections to what used to be silent video reels, Heirloom leads the industry in generating the metamemory.

Geoff Weber plans to execute this strategy as the Heirloom majority shareholder and CEO.  He has 12 years of experience leading niche enterprises from 1989 to 2001.  As an intelligence officer and US Navy Commander (Retired), he spent the next 20 years organizing big data for optimized decision-making and successful national security operations.  His team includes two highly trusted co-founders.  John Rahaghi has worked with Geoff since recruited to respond to the 9/11 attacks on America.    John’s work at Facebook and other technology startups provides relevant product expertise.  A growing list of shareholders, board members, and strategic partners provides further expertise.  Working collaboratively, with an obsession for their customers, the Heirloom brand will be recognized in every home as the easiest, safest, and most delightful way for loved ones to enjoy their priceless memories, for life.

Forever enjoy with friends and family.